Plug In Theatre Club was started by the owners of Plug In Theatre in 2018. It was started out of the need and want to make theatre more accessible and to create an integrated theatre community. It is a way for theatre lovers to stay connected, get great discounts on premium seats at the theatre, and join in on the conversation about the growing theatre community in South Africa.

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Let us know what shows you have seen, what you have enjoyed, and what shows you are looking forward to in the future.

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Now, while we can’t open theatres to packed houses JUST yet, there’s nothing stopping us getting out the shower, getting together and getting those pipes back in service. 


It is with this in mind that Plug In Theatre and Peachy proudly present The Blu Piano Social Club, a night of singing, socialising and some mother flipping good cocktails… oh and a blue piano. 

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POP OF THEATRE - Raquel.png

POP OF THEATRE is a unique collaboration for a unique time. Megan Carelse Productions teamed up with Alyssa Harrison and Megan Rigby from Plug In Theatre to provide a paid opportunity for theatre practitioners to perform during the global pandemic, which devastated their industry. 

Whilst theatres have shut down all over the country these three powerhouses have created a platform for skilled musical theatre performers to adapt to Pop music and corporate entertainment. 

This project allows us to mix training and technique with fun and relaxation.

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Plug In Theatre is proud to present PlugInLIVE, an online series dedicated to the performing arts in South Africa. The show will be hosted by the hilarious, multi-talented stage and screen star Weslee Lauder.