Internationally acclaimed AFRICAN FOOTPRINT, described by global media as “Africa’s Riverdance”, is thrilled to be invited to perform at the Dubai Global Village from the 9th - 30th December 2019.

On Thursday 5th December 2019, almost 20 years since Richard Loring’s smash hit musical African Footprint took to the stage, the next generation cast of this Proudly South African production heads to Dubai, with the aim to leave an indelible ‘footprint’ at the Dubai Global Village from 9th – 30th December.

Inspired in 1998 by Australia’s Tap Dogs, Richard’s dream of creating a show to reflect South Africa’s vibrant diversity was realised when drawing on talent “from the streets of Soweto”, after 16 months of rehearsal and show development, excerpts of the show were presented on Millennium night on Robben Island before Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki, a VIP audience and televised worldwide to two billion people.

African Footprint melds Afro-centric and Euro-centric music in an energetic and joyous celebration of life that expresses the pride, passion, laughter and dreams of the people of South Africa from ancient to modern times in this this “explosive stampede of song and dance.”

Performing the uniquely African kwela-jive, gumboot, tap, contemporary, ballet, hip-hop and pantsula, the highly energised cast has had audiences leaping to their feet in sustained applause at over 4000 performances around the world from USA, China, India, Australia, Canada, Africa and Europe.

The show opened the new Globe Theatre, Gold Reef City Casino, on 11 May 2000 notching up awards: Naledi Award’s “Best Choreography” and “Best Lighting” and the Vita Award’s “Best Musical”, “Best Ensemble” and “Best Lighting”. Critics were unanimous in their praise and word of mouth drew crowds of all ages and cultures as well as attention of TV producers including CNN, Reuters and the BBC’s Royal Variety, resulting in footage being screened to millions of television viewers.

International producers’ interest was sparked and so began years of ‘sold-out’ performances around the world. Most recently, African Footprint performed for Empowerment groups such as Enactus and the India-African Forum Summit (in India) as well as numerous corporate companies and events.

The show has enthralled audiences from all cultures and walks of life – from royalty to the man in the street – with inspiring words of poet, Don Mattera, choreography of Debbie Rakusin and David Matamela and Dave Pollecutt’s lyrical, pulsating music with audiences being taken on an emotive journey of pride, love, conflict, reconciliation and passion. Themes that resonate with people around the globe. Producer, Richard Loring’s philosophy is that “The audience should leave the theatre feeling optimistic, proud and above all, entertained!”

At the performances at Dubai Global Village in December, the mix of international visitors and their requirements defines the nature of entertainment offered and performed on various stages scattered around the Dubai Global Village.

African Footprint has been cut down to 28 minutes specifically for this staging and will reflect South Africa’s Past, Present and Future. The show, set against large screen images of Africa, will play 3 - 4 times daily, adding up to some 80 shows between the 9h to 30th December 2019.

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