Jellie the Ellie & Zoemba

After the success of Zoemba the Rhino last year, an exciting sequel for young people has been devised again by Connie Friedmann.


choreographed by DANA DE AGRELLA


After the success of Zoemba the Rhino last year, an exciting sequel for young people has been devised again by Connie Friedmann – JELLIE THE ELLIE AND ZOEMBA. This original new musical production is fun and educative at the same time. It’s the perfect entertainment for children from 3 – 8 years.

Jellie the Ellie comes to visit Zoemba's world, where he lives with his two friends, Jippie and Doolie, when an unexpected 'traveller' also arrives. Travis Tooth-Mouse has been travelling far and wide collecting milk teeth for his 'boss', the Tooth Fairy Queen.

Zoemba and Travis T get off to a good start but once Jellie meets this mischievous mouse, her jelly legs get the better of her, as she won't admit that she is petrified of small rodents. The park has been free from poachers for a while but Jellie seems to feel very uneasy in Travis T's presence. This bold, cheeky tooth mouse may have another agenda, since Jellie has two very beautiful large tusks. These tusks are a tempting substitute for hundreds of little milk teeth that the lazy Travis T still has to collect. He comes up with a plan to do whatever it takes to make his Tooth Fairy Queen happy, even if it is at the expense of his new friends.

Come and join us and find out how Jellie is able to see the positive side to every situation, and how all the characters learn some very important life lessons. This show explores the themes of oral hygiene, conquering fears, forgiveness and friendships.

The production is directed by Bronwyn Evans, choreographed by Dana De Agrella, and stars Zoemba (Rudolph Basson), Matatho Mampa, and Gareth Meijsen. This is a show for the whole family and is especially focussed on making younger generation aware of our endangered species, nature conservation and friendships.


Auto and General Theatre On The Square

7th - 11th of July


Call the theatre’s box office on 011 883-8606

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