Plug In Theatre launches the Plug In Theatre Festival

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions that are enforced by the South African government, many performing artists are stuck at home (many having lost their jobs) with no way to express themselves and no way to earn any money without paying audiences.

Plug In Theatre is very excited to use our platforms to come alongside performers and create a space for them to gain online and social media exposure as well as give them a reason to create and perform during this time of lockdown.


We encourage performers of all kinds to enter - from singing, dancing, performance art, rapping, physical theatre, puppetry, children's theatre, acting, poetry and anything in between. Plug In Theatre wants to PLUG YOU! We encourage you to use our platform and the followers we have in order to create an audience for yourself and put yourself out there.

We will publish every submission on our website, and we will select certain videos to be featured on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

We support the arts and are fully committed to making this platform beneficial for all. Therefore, we have created a crowdfunding page in conjunction with the Plug In Theatre Festival. We encourage artists and audiences to donate what they can to the festival in the name of appreciation and love for the arts. At the end of the festival the funds collected will be divided up amongst the artists who have entered the festival. Therefore, we do not ask for you to perform for free, but instead are creating a platform for you to earn.

It is important to us that the entertainment industry stays alive during this time. We promise to seek out backers to donate to the festival in every way that we can, so that the entertainers who are putting their work in the festival are acknowledged in some way. We will try our best to make this festival as fun, enjoyable, and beneficial as possible.

Therefore, Plug In Theatre also promises to contribute R10.00 to the crowdfunding page for EVERY entry to the Plug In Theatre Festival.

Want to enter the festival?

Performers can enter by filling in a form on our website and submitting their performance video footage. Let Plug In Theatre do the rest.

Entries will be open from Wednesday, 1st of April - Wednesday, 29th of April.

Cost: There will be an entrance fee of R100.00.

Video submissions: Videos can be between 1 minute and 5 minutes.

Please note: Performers can enter as many as 5 submissions. Performers will be subsidised based on the individual entering, not on the number of submissions.

Want to donate to the crowdfunding page to support the festival entertainers?

This is a place for audiences, and fellow artists to contribute to the festival and the artists who are entertaining you through it. We encourage you to donate what you can to help the artists in this country pay their bills, to be able to continue to entertain you. These links will be available to you on our website when the festival launches.

All proceeds from the crowdfunding page will be divided up equally amongst the performers of the online festival.


In a time where we are told to stay at home, many of us look to the arts and entertainment industry to keep us occupied. The Plug In Theatre festival is here to connect audiences and artists, so we would like to use our platform to continue to be #thestageconnection in every way we can during this time.

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