South African Theatre On Demand and Thrill!

First, there was Netflix and Chill but now there’s South African Theatre On Demand and thrill!

South African Theatre On Demand (SATOD) is the newly-launched, proudly South African digital platform which aims to empower artists and producers from across the country, and to deliver a diverse virtual theatrical experience.

SATOD is an internet-based, pay-per-view video-on-demand service, supplying a unique catalogue of filmed theatrical experiences. To the individual with a passion for theatre, a curiosity and love for new experiences: SATOD is the platform for you.

With several productions ready for your viewing pleasure, and even more waiting in the wings for release, SATOD is bringing theatre and performance from the stage right to your home. Unlike other similar streaming platforms, audiences are able to view content on SATOD by purchasing tickets for individual productions, allowing artists and creators of the theatrical experiences to earn the majority income of total ticket sales.

It has become the new normal to stream content online. While we know that the very success of live events is rooted in the tangible experience; the smell, sound, taste and touch of the worlds artists create, SATOD is by no means trying to replace the live theatre experience. Instead, we aim to provide a new, alternative platform where artists can park their theatrical creations and earn a passive income, as we build a centralised database where South African talent can be archived.

As SATOD grows, we look forward to creating one-of-a-kind product offerings that include but are not limited to: Filmed Theatre, Podcasts, Masterclasses, Round Table Discussions, Virtual Reality Experiences, 360-Degree Theatre, Live Streaming, Live Music Concerts, POV-Filmed Theatre, and courses.

We look forward to the future of this platform and how it will continue to evolve to best serve its audience and the creatives that supply their content and theatrical creations. We believe that SATOD has the power to make theatrical experiences more accessible, to build new audiences, and to archive South African talent for the future.

Created, envisioned and executed by artist and production manager, producer and entrepreneur Blythe Stuart Linger, who serves as the platform’s Executive Producer, and actor, filmmaker and creative Stefan Erasmus who serves as its Creative Director. SATOD has been made possible through the generous contributions of several donors who assisted in supporting the development and creation of this platform and Sue Diepeveen and the Drama Factory, who facilitated in the filming of a SATOD-supported original.

To get the most out of what we have to offer, visit: For more information, email us at:

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