The Actors App Website is LIVE!

An exciting announcement from The Actors App team!

"After numerous discussions with fellow colleagues, we heard and understood their frustrations and concerns over a lack of community and access to information about the industry. And in so doing we identified a need in the industry and were inspired to address this and offer a solution.

The two founders, Paige Bonnin & Charlotte Butler are from different generations – a Millennial & a Baby Boomer. We have both studied in the arts & have extensive experience in Theatre, Film & TV. Paige understands the now movement, their unique needs, likes & dislikes. Charlotte with over 35 years in the industry brings a wealth of knowledge.

We dreamt about an app that would be informative, educational and unifying. An App that would give all artist and creators equal access to local and international news, festivals, competitions, funding and mentorships. We wanted to elevate the profession to a level of respect and gravitas not always experienced by artists in the industry.

And so, The Actors App was born. A portal & network for all artists alike to have instant access to Industry News, Online Training Courses, Events, Masterclasses, Actors Buddies and exposure to cultures and disciplines from around the world. An opportunity to create employment.

The Actors App, a business designed for the South African entertainment community, with a global reach.

As founders and creators, we believe that any project is only as good as the team we partner with. We are working with a team of highly qualified, generous individuals who share our vision and passion and are ready to walk the long journey with us.

We are working closely with:

  • Two very skilled technical advisors and app developers. One based in South Africa and the other in Mumbai.

  • Our graphics designer who developed our exciting, fresh look and feel.

  • Our website designer, domain host and video editor with his own studio and filming equipment.

We have established representatives for The Actors App nationwide, who will be attending meetings and increasing our reach in each area. We have already formed strong partnerships with like-minded people – the lovely ladies from Plug In Theatre being one of them!

The possibilities are endless, limited only by a lack of imagination and love and respect for our industry, of which we have in abundance!

For the last 2 years, we have been paying for the App Development, Web Design, Art Work, Contracts and Monthly hosting fees and Marketing from our own resources. We have made mistakes, got our fingers burnt & learnt invaluable lessons. We don’t give up easily because we’re actors and we’re committed to this project. Now we need a financial injection in order to get the app finalised and operational.

Until then, please follow us on our website, Facebook page and Instagram.

We are standing in the wings waiting for Curtain Up – see you out there!"




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