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This week host Kate Normington shines a spotlight on the highly

talented actor, musician, singer, songwriter and voice over artist, Terence Reis.

Reis has a list of impressive career guitar credits that spanned 15 years in South Africa before emigrating to England in 2002 where he continues to impress global audiences with his prowess, most recently as part of the highly successful The Dire Straits Experience.

Each week SPOTLIGHT ON shines a light on exceptional South African entertainers who are currently “living the dream” internationally, and flying the SA flag high for us.

This week it will be the mult-talented Terence Reis, chatting to charismatic host Kate Normington live from Wiltshire, England.

After obtaining an honours degree at the University of Witwatersrand School of Dramatic Arts in Johannesburg, Terence Reis notched up impressive career credits in theatre, film and television, spanning 15 years in South Africa before heading to England.

Those South African credits included Death of A Salesman, Twilight of the Golds, Homeland, Hair, The Game II, Buddy Holly - The Buddy Holly Story and Critical Assignment to name a few. He was also part of the hugely successful Not The Midnight Mass, a household name in South Africa in the 90’s.

Emigrating to England in 2002, Terence worked as a freelance voice artist, actor, musician, singer and songwriter, while also part of the band Waterhorse.

A phone conversation with Alan Clark, the keyboard player from Dire Straits resulted in a charity show at the Royal Albert Hall in London in 2011. The success of that performance led to The Straits performing a further 150 shows in 25 countries before the group disbanded 3 years later.

In 2014, an invitation from a promoter in Australia saw Terence, joined by former Dire Straits member, Chris White for a run of shows in Australia and New Zealand. The success of this partnership resulted in the formation of The Dire Straits Experience, an ongoing touring project that continues to be in demand, enjoying over 70 shows globally in 2019.

The world certainly is this multi-talented artist’s oyster with no signs of stopping Terence Reis!

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This episode will be the Season 1 Finale of SPOLIGHT ON… with Season 2 returning in a few weeks with a whole new line-up for viewers to enjoy! Watch this space for more info over the coming weeks.

Says co-producer Collett Dawson; “It’s been an absolute delight these past 9 weeks, shining a spotlight on these world-class South African entertainers who are forging wonderful paths for themselves internationally. Their stories of courage, resilience, hard work, tenacity and discipline have encouraged and inspired us and all who tuned in.”

Dawson continues; “We’re looking forward to bringing our viewers a whole new group of wonderful trailblazers when we return in a few weeks.”

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