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State Theatre

On 22 January 1879, in the shadow of an imposing rocky outcrop called iSandlwana, the bloodiest defeat inflicted on the British Army during the Victorian age took place.

An unequal struggle between an industrialised nation with the best weapons the technology of the age could provide fought a battle against a people fighting for their country with little more than raw courage to sustain them – with the inspired Zulu warriors emerging victorious.

Is there ever victory in battle? Who bear the cost of war? Join musician, historian and heritage enthusiast Mbuso Khoza as he weaves together the lives of Zulu patriots like Ntshingwayo ka Mahole and Mehlokazulu ka Sihayo and professional British soldiers such as Anthony Dunrnford and Charlie Harford – the men who were at the human heart of the savage and iconic Anglo-Zulu War by examining the songs –Amahubo – composed during that age. Using the language of the music, Khoza presents not only a gripping picture of the pressures that drove both sides to a terrifying and bloody confrontation, but a definitive history of the battle that has shaped the political fortunes of not only the Zulu people but of the entire African population in this part of the world to this day.


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