Hairline aims to create a space where everyone can engage about hair and beauty politics that have been framed by Colonial and apartheid views and, in turn, have been imposed on black South Africans. In the post-apartheid and neo-colonial era which we currently live in, many black people have to continuously negotiate their identity in certain places now more than ever due to the effects of globalisation.

Hairline is a nostalgic flash-forward comedic and dramatic peek into the psychological, emotional, physical, as well as spiritual ideals and effects of hair in relation to the african body in today’s world.

The premise of the play is based on one burning question, to what extent does ones hair inform their historical and cultural identity? In addition questions like, what physical markers make a ‘real’ black woman and is it important to consider these in the exploration and preservation of self in a fast paced-ever shifting society? Can the black body see itself without the influence of the deeply entrenched eye of the West?

Hairline aims to give agency to young girls like Mqhelekanina, the protagonist who seems to be very uncertain of who she is and what that means or young black working-class women like Melinda who just want to be themselves and accept themselves and perform their identities in ways that don’t conform to societal expectations.

Set in a salon in Hillbrow, which is a space for men and women of all kinds to actively engage in transformation of appearance and in the process of this they become a community sharing their experience (whether consciously or subconsciously). Hillbrow, comprising of all its racial and cultural complexities is home a lot of undocumented foreigners who come to South Africa and end up doing hair - to put food on the table , we explore this through our matriarch and surrogate figure Sista Augusta who is originally from Nigeria and has a personal relationship with her clients.


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