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Joburg Theatre

Welcome to the corporate world of ELSINORE, where corruption, greed, and political manoeuvring are the order of the day, where “something is (very) rotten in the State.” From the same NSA Directorial team of Laine Butler and Johan Anker,  who reimagined A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2019) and Macbeth (2018) comes a riveting HIP HOP HAMLET. Joining the creative team as co-creator and choreographer is Lucinda Eatock, who brings a wealth of theatre-making experience to this bold contemporary production. Rhythmic language delivered to a beat is at the heart of HIP HOP – Shakespeare’s iambic pentameter is the pinnacle of rhythmic speech. Commission some music, and the stage is set for a startling contemporary Hamlet, for HIP HOP is essentially rhythmic language delivered to a beat. This production will, once again, give credence to Ben Jonson’s assertion that “Shakespeare was not of an age but for all time.” Bold, brave, relevant, and accessible – HIP HOP HAMLET is bound to engage a 2020 audience and touch the soul with the enduring existential question of “To be or not to be.”

HAMLET is a set-work for Grade 12’s.

The production will run at 100 min (TBC)

The NSA Festival of the Arts is in its 19th Year. This 5-day celebration of performing and visual arts provides a showcase for the work of The National School of the Arts – South Africa’s Leading School of Specialisation on Performing and Creative Arts – within a programme that also features professional productions, workshops, master-classes, exhibitions, and installations.


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