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Plug In Theatre (Pty) LTD 2019.


The play follows a journey of Anonymous who is in search of his long–lost friend Bantu. He finds him, but is then faced with a challenge of brining him back to consciousness.

The play makes use of symbolism, repetitive quotes, poetry and movement/dance,  covering major themes of identity and depression, stemming from a combination of our upbringing, culture, media and political system. 


The title is ‘Iwisa-The Fist’ comes from the cultural value of the knobkierie (Iwisa) to the African tribe known as Nguni Tribe. It is said 79.4% of South Africans initiate from the very tribe, fathered by UMnguni. Iwisa is said to be made from one of the strongest trees found along the southern regions of Africa, a tree called Umsimbithi. Iwisa is used by men and young boys in ways of protection and cracking fruit and veggies to feed in.


The Fist is the signal of victory in our country and other neighbouring countries, and so we come with the name “Iwisa – The Fist”.


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